I hate fashion

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I don’t know about you but on my facebook wall I constantly hear people talking about fashion this, fashion that.  What makes someone “fashionable”.  Can you be fashionable and not trendy?  What the fuck is fashion anyways?

Now I understand if you move or go somewhere and have to change up your clothing to adapt to the weather, that’s not a  problem. You won’t be seeing me go to Big Bear in the winter in fucking boardshorts and a T-shirt.  However why is it that when people are for example, emo or hardcore, the natural rules of clothing don’t apply?  You know damn straight when they are walking around LA or Orange county dressed in butt tight black jeans they are fucking burning inside, getting crotch sweat like they’re walking around Disneyland.  Just put on some shorts, it’s ok.

New York is not the scapegoat in this, but it is a prime suspect.  I will tell you this: just because I was born and raised in Orange County doesn’t mean I surf everyday.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not the way it goes.  But whether or not people in OC surf or don’t surf, the one thing that I like is that if people are surfers, they surf and can talk about surfing. If people don’t surf, they shut the fuck up and talk about other shit that pertains to their interests. But other areas (LA, NY), just because you’re there all of a sudden means you have this right to publicly display interest in shit you never really cared about before (even if someone did, you sure as hell never said anything about it).  Oh, I’m in LA, let me use the term “film” instead of the “movie”! Hey, I’m in NY, I’m so fashionable!  Hey, I’m in Montana…FUCK.

So you like hardcore metal music?  Well, I can see you don’t like it that much. How do I know this?  Oh because you aren’t dressed in black with the goth symbols on your shirt, and your belt isn’t even studded! Good riddance! Oh, you have every album and been to every show? Sorry, you think that shit actually counts towards you liking the music? It’s the clothes!

And don’t even get me started with the “free spirits”.  By being a free spirit is it mandated that you smell like fecies?

If I go to Africa, I won’t start walking around naked with a piece of cloth over my junk.  If I started listening to reggae, I wouldn’t grow my hair long and start wearing baggy clothes. It seems like you can tell either a) where a person is from or b) what music they like, based on their “fashion”.  I’ve always thought a jacket was just a jacket but apparently when I went to New York I “clearly looked like I was from California”. Ok? Whatever that means.

To close it off I don’t mind if someone is into fashion or work in that industry.  I have some friends who are into fashion and all the power to them.  I don’t mind it because they like that stuff and are still friends with me, who is anything but fashionable.  However sometimes I’ll be out in my sunday lazies (sandals, bball shorts, oversized white shirt) and I’ll be at the store picking up some food, and you’ll pass by someone all fancy shmancy wearing sunglasses indoors and you can literally see their chin move up as they pass by you.  No, I didn’t say “excuse me”, I said “fuck you”.  It’s those that I don’t like, the judgers.

If you  move to texas, you don’t already know about country music. shut up.

If you move to Jamaica, you don’t automatically become a rasta dude.

If you move to LA, you don’t automatically become an actor (you’re still a bartender).

And if you move to New York, you don’t automatically know about fashion. So why are you dressed like you’re homeless?