I’ll take ‘New Segment’ for $800..

The first thing I realized after writing these initial posts is, “hot damn, writing content sucks.”  I’ve always taken writing content for granted because I’m a Developer and writing just isn’t our thing (I got B’s in English).  I can build the site, the graphics, everything about the site BUT the content!  I will say though, I’ve never really had the need or gotten hired to write content but still, I didn’t think it would be this difficult. So I’m faced with a question: How do I maintain a blog if I’m not a writer?

One idea I came up with was to make an image quote of whatever I was thinking of for that week.  For example, my dad (he would never do this) asking me on a Saturday, “so son, tell me something about your week? how did your life change this week?”  Most would say some dumb shit that’s probably politically correct but for me, I would probably say something that may sound stupid but is in fact important later down in life.  For this weeks quote, I would say my life has changed because I’m starting to realize I’m becoming addicted to energy drinks.

Do you love pizza? Do you love burgers?  Can you remember the first time your lips touched that blissful blend of crust, sauce, cheese and your favorite topping? NO.  That moment was a life changer and you didn’t even record it. Shame.  No, energy drinks are not pizza, most definitely not. But what if 10 or 30 years from now, I’m sittin down drinking an energy drink.  I’ll always know the week/month of my life that got me to drinking them.

Why energy drink for this week? Well it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve had the August Extravaganza of going to Hawaii for my brothers wedding and going to Las Vegas for Rodman and Zach’s birthday, all while having multiple projects I needed to get done and being super stressed.  Everyday driving home I would have this dreaded feeling knowing that although I can nap a tad after work, I’ll need to get back up and get back on the grind because these projects need to be done. Solution for the job: Energy Drinks.

I won’t explain stuff week in and week out of what my quote means or anything, but for this weeks I’ll disclose it.  I realized that when a job needs to get done, no matter how tired, stressed, whatever you may be, you can still get it done.  If I read this quote years from now, I’d look back and say “oh, that was when I was stressed as shit, had to go to hawaii and vegas and still pwnd everything”.  During earlier times I’ve obviously been pushed harder than this past August butI never had a quote to sum up my weeks during those times.

Now I do.