RemoveBG iPhone App. How does apple not have this?

I don’t know how much the casual reader knows about apps and memory and whatnot, but I for one think that this is an application that should be in the current iPhone iOS4.

It’s called “Remove Background”. It’s as simple as that.  Those with an iPhone, you know whenever you open an app it just goes in the bottom task bar.  I hate that shit, knowing that an app is there, probably suckin up some juice, and giving me no benefit.

look at this...i dont like this...

Thankfully this app, RemoveBG, allows you to simply click and whipe out all of the running applications.  Click, Clear, Voila!  and along with that, there is an SBSettings add-on so you can easily whipe away all the task bar dirties whenever you want. The only thing you need is to have a jailbroken phone (which I don’t even want to get into but you should have it jailbroken.  I mean, everyone loves JB right?)

I have included some screenshots for you to see, if you care that is.

I apologize in advance for making my iPhone look cooler than yours, it’s just how i roll…