Wait, whoa! A website…for me?

There’s that old adage, I can’t remember how it goes exactly but it’s something along the lines of “the landscaper always has dead grass because he is too busy taking care of other’s lawns”.  It’s probably not even close to the original but it’s somewhere along those lines…Anyhoo, what I’m getting at is for years and years I’ve done websites, but never really had a website of my own.  I think now’s the time that all changes.

The hardest part about building a website is that after about an hour of looking at the same image and tweaking it and tweaking it, you get kinda sick of it.  You begin to doubt yourself and why you came up with what you did.  Then you find yourself on photoshop messing around with the hue and saturdation and color levels, and then you find a completely different color scheme and say to yourself, “oh! this is what I want now!” It is at this point your design turns to shit.

To combat the inevitable case where a designer does not like his own work, a few months ago I started to dabble slowly but surely in a design. I didn’t jump in both feet first because I knew I wouldn’t like what I would create.

I first started with the colors, and MY GOD was it hard.  I used Adobe’s Kuler Tool to find a cool color scheme, but there were so many I liked I didn’t know what to do.  I then realized my favorite colors are blue, with a lil bit o’ green. I like to chill and relax so I thought my site should reflect both the colors and my mood. That’s why my design is open and the colors it is.

Although I love to relax, I also love to party, so to show the hint of loudness I made the headlines loud to reflect that.  There might be some other areas that I will make loud, but for now this will do.  I’m thinking of making a balls to the wall HTML 5 Playground that is just play nasty.

I thought I’d show you the compositions of the design. The finished product might look a lil bit different because Photoshop -> Actual Website is never a 100% perfect transition, but I’m damn good at it.  The changes that will be there when the site is live will probably be there because at some point between now and then I will be in the shower and change my mind.

Well, here are some images for ya…

949 Development - Homepage Comp
949 Development - Portfolio
949 Development - About Us