Facebook, please implement no caps sitewide

Facebook has had these “questions” for awhile now but I never really used them. However today I saw a question that was “What is the best mexican food around USC?”.  I looked at some of the answers and they were just ridiculous, because anyone who knows knows that the Al Pastor Multias from La Taquiza are the best things in the world.  It took god like 7 days to make the universe? and I bet it was divided with 1 day for people and 6 days to master the mulita.  Anyways, I wanted to put in all caps as a joke, and when I did, I saw something awesome…

The first thing you’ll notice is that it has some extra features in the textarea. Bold, italics, underline, ordered and unordered lists, and quotes. But best of all, it has an alert to not type in all caps!  Go see for yourself, answer a question on facebook and you’ll see this gem.

There are some people who post status updates purely in caps and it’s really really annoying. Please stop. (Nomar)

I hope facebook implmenents this textarea box all over.