New Year. New CMS.

Without giving anythng away, it seems like my 2011 will consist a lot of a new Content Management System called eZ Publish.  I’m familiar with a lot of CMS’s but I will have to admit that I am not familiar with this one.  The best part is, that doesn’t detract me, it only makes me want to learn more.   First things first right, gotta get an install up and running right?  I now have , which will be a development area for this CMS.

Content Management Systems  allow for users to easily edit the content and data on their website.  Each has a specific goal, for example WordPress and Blogger being a platform geared towards blogging, and Joomla! and Drupal being a all-encompassing CMS.  You also have content heavy CMS’s like Plone.  So how do you choose which one is right for you?  Well, you can google all you want but you will get biased opinions in every single site you visit.  My take on the subject matter is to just take the time and learn for yourself.  I will say this, there IS a reason why my blog is on a WordPress platform, and my work site is on the Drupal platform.

So what’s up with eZ Publish?

It has come to my attention that eZ Publish editing might be in my future so I better get started. Unlike most workers, I don’t always wait till I’m assigned a duty at work to start, if I feel interested I’ll go home and read up and mess around, even on weekends.  I’ve slowly started reading documentation on eZ Publish and can already see some differences between this CMS and others.  This is why I think its beneficial for a developer to not be so biased towards one CMS but rather know them all.  My bread and butter is Drupal CMS in case you were wondering.

eZ has a good thing called Site Access, which essentially allows you to create different cases for your site. Perhaps you want a development database gives data to the same theme? or perhaps a different theme (mobile for instance) that uses the same data as the live. Etc… This can be very fun, as I’ve noticed with other CMS’s this can be a bit tricky. Well, not really tricky, but just a pain in the ass.

I intend to completely destroy, break, and kill my eZ Publish installation because that’s part of the learning process. Can you built a computer without first opening one up? I think not.

I’ll write in a lil bit when I have mastered the CMS that is eZ Publish.

(My server now how has WordPress, Drupal, and eZ, all for me!)