Why don’t computers have this?

I wish operating systems had this

Far too many times I’ll be working with Photoshop, Word, TextWrangler, etc… and I will want to close the application.  Sure, I may not have saved it up until the time of closing but sometimes I don’t need to save.  A lot of programs register even a simple left click as “editing” and therefore will require you to save again.

If we had something like this on computers (or at least the option to turn it on for specific applications), I think a LOT of people would be happy.  It’s one of those genius ideas that makes people say, “why didn’t I think of that?”

If enabled, have it show up on the opposite side of the regular Quit or something for people who have in-accurate mouse-clicks. Or maybe a simple prompt, “Are you sure you wan’t to quit without saving anything”.  1 Yes is better than 20 Yes’s.