Gonna be in D.C. on April 10th, for D.C.

Well, looks like I’m gonna be back in D.C. on April 10th to get some certifications and also get some more insight on eZ Publish, specifically eZ Find for the new D.C. website.  Should be a fun time.  I confirmed that I am also going to D.C. and not Virginia this time, so change will be good.  I plan on eating at a place I saw in Man Vs. Food called “Bens Chili Bowl” which has a nationally famous dog called the “Chili Half Smoked”.  I stole the picture from google below, but I will indeed post pictures when I get there.

I wonder if Quik has a store out in D.C.?  Regardless, I’m gonna bring my skateboard and tour the town.  I’ll probably stop by the white house and say what up to Obama as well.