Hot Jeans?

Call me a girl, but I swear I have just discovered something amazing: Not all jeans are created equal.

I usually have my set “go to” pair of jeans, which typically involves 3 pairs.  However today I decided to bust out an old, cheap pair out of the closet cause I felt the jeans were getting a lil lonely in my closet.  So I put them on and went about my day.

The weather was hot today but not significantly hotter than any other day.  The one thing I noticed was how hot my legs were, it was ridiculous.  Then it donned on me.  It was the jeans!  I normally go for pairs of jeans that have cool qualities like “cool max” or “ventilated denim”, mostly because it just sounds cool.  And yes, I do buy the toothpaste that has the best/shiniest packaging, its the only way to determine which is the best for your teeth.  Anyways, after I remembered that I didn’t have my normal jeans, I couldn’t help but notice how shitty they were for keeping my awesome legs cool and breezy.

I’m gonna stop here because this is getting ridiculous, but it’s true. I swear, it’s true…