Tech that I do #1: Delete unnecessary files (KIND sort)

I need to get back in the rhythm of things so I am going to start a new segment  of tips and recommendations


Many times I will see a users computer with too many files on it. Your comp should be neat, both outside and file wise.

I’m sure you, as you’re reading this, have a ton of files but don’t even want to bother cleaning it up.

Here’s a tip: SORT BY KIND/TYPE

By doing this in any folder, you can clearly and easily see which files you do not need (zip files im lookin at you).  It may sound stupid and you may say, “of course I know that!”, but do you actually do it?

Do this and I guarantee you’ll keep your folders clean. You’ll only have the type of files you deem important, and from then you’ll start cleaning house.

Who needs .zip files anyways after they are uncompressed?