Just Because…

A lot of times when I’m poking around facebook or talking to other people, I’ll hear a girl rant and rave about how she got flowers sent to her “just because…”.  It’s supposed to be a special thing for a man to show a woman that they like her and appreciate them on random days, not just days of celebration.

One thing that I do not see however is someone giving their parents anything “just because”.  Sure we know our parents will say that us “just being there” is a gift, but a child should still show their parents how much they mean to them.  I guess somewhere along the path of being cared for and receiving gift after gift for birthdays and such, its hard to be on the other side of the table.  Especially when there is no holiday like a fathers day or mothers day (which I believe was created by Hallmark Cards)

Growing up our parents were always the financial backbone of our lives, and as we get older I feel as a whole we need to start showing the ones that really mean to us, how much they really mean to us.  Somehow this got lost in current society, and this only applies to girlfriend/boyfriend relationships (from what I’ve seen).  Sure they mean a lot to us now, but our parents (or other caretakers) have literally been there with us our entire lives.  This doesn’t mean a person should stop giving their partner gifts on random occasions, I just feel parents need to be added to the mix too.

Where am I going with this? Well, I’m not spoiling the surprise but I got something today that I think my parents will REALLY enjoy.

Just Because…

I’ll reveal it later.