“but it was all worth it”… is stupid

Now, you might read this at first and think I’m ridiculous but give me a chance to explain myself.  I personally do not like it when people say “but it was all worth it”.

Whenever I hear someone saying the phrase above, it makes me think that they do not like doing what they are doing.  Like when you see a person working hard every single day and getting a good bonus and hearing them say “oh but it was all worth it!”  Would that mean that you wouldn’t work hard otherwise? Is hard work part of your DNA or is hard work only done when a goal or award is given?

For me, I try to work my ass off day in and day out.  Not with the intention of getting praise, financial bonuses, but for personal satisfaction.  Not to say it isn’t nice to get a raise, but that comes secondary.  People who know me in and out of work know that I am highly competitive and try to be “the best” at everything.  I know that I’m not the best at everything, but I will sure damn try my best to be.

People need to work for themselves and their own goals, whether it be a job or a hobby.  If you have a somebody who loves building remote controlled cars and he spends 10 years making one, he wouldn’t say “… but it was all worth it”. He would say “yea, it took 10 years and I loved every minute of it”.

I sometimes think about the job that I have, being able to do what I love doing.  I would never say though that my hard work “was all worth it” because quite frankly, it hasn’t been that hard!  Well, it’s been super difficult not gonna lie, but where some people see a long road of hard work and school, I see  a road full of fun, difficult challenges, and lots of self satisfaction.

Who likes things that are easy, anyways?