DC at X Games Instagram

Recently I launcehd a “DC at X Games” piece for DC Shoes.  This pulls in all of the team riders thare are participating at the X Games.

It’s really cool as it allows the user to see the DC athletes’s lives in a very visual manner.

Now, there are API limits with instagram so I use my own instagram plugin that I built known as “DCInstagram.js”.  There is an every half hour background process that reads a list of usernames (users.txt) and hashtags (hashtags.txt), and with each one it makes an API request to Instagram and saves the JSON response.  We don’t have more than 60 riders, so even at half hour increments we are only making 120 API requests.

Now, I do plan on updating the entire plugin and implementation for Roxy, Quiksilver, and DC Shoes to use the Pubsubhub protocol that instagram supports so we can get real-time updating, but for now i’ll leave it the way it is.

Prod URL:

Local Copy URL:

Resized Screenshot from June 27th