DC Shoes – New Feature – Instagram in Whats up feed

One feature of the dcshoes.com website is that on all the sport pages (skate, auto, moto…) and all the athlete pages (rob dyrdek, chris cole, travis pastrana, etc…) is that in the WHAT’S UP section, there are blocks of photos and text.

What many people don’t realize is that this is an update to date feed of the dc shoes social networks, as well as its athletes.  It pulls from Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

For Youtube, there is only 1 main DCShoesFILM user so its built on a tag filter.  So for SKATE, it runs off of “skate, skateboarding” etc.. and for SNOW its “snow, snowboarding”…

And recently we just launched INSTAGRAM.  Instagram is an up and comer and our athletes use it a lot, so we had to incorporate it on our whats up feed.

n case anyone was wondering, we fetch the data every 30 minutes via each networks API. We do this so we don’t exceed API limits.

Below are a few examples of what it looked liked before Instagram and what it looks like after.  You’ll see I added in a lil instagram icon to the top right.

The 3 most recent images (facebok photos or instagram photos) get BIG’ified.  The rest are the tiny squares.

I’ve always liked the whats up feed so I think you’ll like it too. It’s cool to go to an athletes page, say Nyjah Huston, and know that that is HIS feed.  Makes each athlete page a lil more insteresting.