New Site – DC Shoes – Unilite Trainer

This is going to be the first of many. I’m going to start showcasing some of the work that I do.  Granted, I’ve done A LOT of development, but my 1 or 2 readers may get a kick out of it. I’m also going to be keeping a local copy of the sites that I do that I will reference here, so if any of the links are broken, dont worry!


  • Sticky Navigation
  • Changeable Views, and the view angle sticks if you change the color
  • Sticky Nav
  • Deep Linking ( goes to photos section
  • Highlighted Sticky Section
  • Each section reacts to where your mouse is
  • Slideshow
  • Youtube Video Embed

It’s pretty cool where you scroll down and different stuff pops up.  I’m using yep-nope for the JS/CSS loading since GSI Commerce doesn’t allow for embedded LINK tags, ugh…

Local Copy URL:

Real URL: