DC – Gymkhana 5

Yesterday was a big day, came into the office super early and got to finally push out the page I’ve been working on for DC – Gymkhana FIVE!

The video is amazing! (and also the most watched video on the internet right now)

This page is built as a “Microsite”. ¬†Microsites give us flexibility into what we want in the page. ¬†Customizable ares are as follows

  • Open-Template HTML Block at the top (i used it for the background, YT embed, and logo)
  • Option to be included in subnav of parents sport (in this case, auto)
  • Facebook Username Feed URL
  • Instagram Username Feed URL
  • Twitter Username Feed URL
  • Youtube Username Feed URL and Tag Filter
  • GSI-Commerce Cat ID Feed
  • Related News Tag (in this case, ‘Gymkhana 5’)

All the elements came together nicely and it looks great I think.  Kudos to our designer Joe for supplying such an awesome background and other element treatment.

Although its only just a page, I think its rad and happy I got to work on it.