Quiksilver Videos – All Sports

Last week, I was happy to launch the Quiksilver Video Player.  It is built for ALL sports, including surf, skate, snow, watermans, and much much more.  I built it off some existing code I had before, but a LOT of it was made from scratch.  The player is really cool, and I had a blast working on it.  The design process was long but I was happy to build this baby out, and I’m certainly looking forward to adding to it and tweaking it for the future.

Here were some of the requirements

  • Must be able to run off of Youtube, using TAGS.  Youtube removed the Playlist capability, so this is purely tag based (based off tag combos)
  • Must be portable, should we decide to port it over to DC, Roxy, etc…
  • Must only use front-end Javascript/jQuery
  • Must be Deep Linkable (direct to video, direct to sport, direct to playlist)
  • Must support iPad swipe
  • For Desktops, must have arrows/carousel of videos
  • Featured area must show the current playlist that you are currently watching (changes when you select a video to the current playlist the video is in)
  • Facebook Share, using Youtube description, thumbnail, etc…
  • Twitter Share

And now, the video player link:



Deep Link Video example

Deep Link Sport example

Deep Link Playlist example

I have a feeling I’ll be porting it to the other brands…

Quiksilver Videos Page

As you can see below, I can easily modify the playlists and tags and tag combos. I can easily update the Youtube username to whatever youtube user I want and the player will adapt like so.

Playlists controlled via variables