DVF loves Roxy

Long overdue.  Last month on March 7th, we launched a new campaign for a collaboration between DVF and Roxy, titled “DVF Loves ROXY”.  It was an AMAZING collaboration that featured DVF’s bold prints with Roxy’s classic bikinis.  Even though I’m not a girl it was a cool project to work on.

One piece I added that I’m stoked on is the use of DVF’s prints for the sites background as you scroll down.  In the experience, you’ll notice that the page has a “sticky” background. Originally this was meant to be pure white, but I added in the color patterns and everyone seemed to love it, thinking that was from the original plan.

I knew this project was going to be a big one because we had a pre-launch “teaser” page, which we never have.  We also had a homepage takeover that alerted ALL visitors to roxy.com that on March 7th, we would have a new collection.

Along with the code, it was also distributed to over 17 countries, so it was a global launch.  My code had to be super tight to make sure it was safe in almost any browser or site config.

Rebecca Kudela (beccalovesart.com) was the designer for the project, Melisa Rothas the Project Manager.

Shoppable Video Embe done by FASHIONQLIC.

We hit records the day the collection launched, and I was happy to be a part of it.

Live Site

Local Copy

DVF loves Roxy

dvf-loves-roxy-2 dvf-loves-roxy-3

dvf-loves-roxy-4 dvf-loves-roxy-5 dvf-loves-roxy-6