Something New

There’s just something about learning something new, I don’t get it, but it intrigues me.  It could be learning about the galaxy, learning about a plant, anything.  Generally speaking, and many people who know me know this, I try to learn everything regarding computers.  But it can be anything.

I’m very grateful to be put in a position where I can learn and grow. I’m also super appreciative of the fact that I’ve been able to learn computers, not many kids had the opportunity use em while in elementary school (thanks dad 🙂  )

I still remember trying to “learn the computer”, and the moment in 3rd grade when I realized that Windows Folders were just like regular folders! in the way that it stored files, and you could even put folders in folders!

After that, it was game on.

Moral of this post: Learn something new, or at least think about when the last time you did learn something new.
If its been awhile, learn something, anything.