Quiksilver and Travels, and a status update

So here I am, its the end of August and I haven’t written since Feb. but for good reason!

This summer has brought me to France Two times, saying in St. Jean de Luz and Biarritz. It was an amazing experience and I got to see some beautiful places.

Work wise it was awesome, I got to work with the EU team and work towards getting some new websites launched. We launched the new dcshoes.com in early July, and are working to get the new quiksilver.com up on september 10, and roxy.com on september 16

I have some other projects working on, including a redesign of my own site, which I hope to release soon. I plan on merging 949development.com and this one together, making  my own dual purpose client/blog site in one.  To be honest, i don’t know when the last time I updated 949development.com was.

I do have one question though: What should the name be?

I am done with 949, I am over the need to have my name, family, or initials in the name. It can be anything really, like ‘cheeseburger studios’ or anything!  I do have some criteria though. It should be:

  • Easy to type
  • Easy to remember, like I can tell someone half drunk at a bar and they will remember

I’ll keep you updated!