My name is James Kusachi and I am a nice guy. In first grade elementary school, I received the only gum ball machine along with the only jelly bean jar for never getting a math or spelling question wrong.  In second grade, I was allowed to write with a pen rather than a pencil because I was too good at math.  Whenever my mom said she was bringing home pizza, I would run around the house screaming chants of pure joy.

For my occupation, I am a Web Designer and Developer. I graduated from the University of Southern California with a Degree in Computer Science in 2007.

I like pizza, burgers, the beach, chilling, basketball, and surfing the web. I’m always online and I design and develop on my free time, for both recreation and for freelance.

I love everyone so feel free to contact me at jkusachi at gmail dot com for work or for play, your call.